Gated Alley Program (GAP) or Controlled Access Alleys

If you wish to read more about this program on the city's web site, click HERE.


  • This is an optional program.

  • 51% or more of home owners need to approve it.

  • Large trash cans from alley will be removed, each house will get its own trash can.

  • Both recycling & trash will be picked up from the street in front of your house, as will bulk trash. 

  • Paying for gates is optional. Grants, fund raising and donations may be used, IF gates are desired.

  • Any gated alley will have access by homeowners, utilities and city services.

  • This is a PILOT program i.e. it hasn't been done before and many aspects are being figured out as it unfolds.

  • The city, utilities, and services are all participating in this experiment. They look forward to feedback.

COMMUNITY ART PROJECT - Early  2019 start date

Earlier this year we had several meetings with the Water Services Department, the Office of Arts + Culture, Maricopa Air Quality and the public space artist, Barbara Grygutis, and the landscape architects of Dig Studio regarding the beautification at the corner of 6th Street & Butler. 

On that corner is a capped well and Maricopa County Air Quality equipment, plus a lot of blank space hiding behind old oleander bushes.  Earlier this year, the city chose ESSNA & BW to share in the process of selecting an artist to design a much nicer space...taking into consideration the neighborhood and our desires.

Below is an artist rendering of the ideas that have been discussed.  The flyer below is initially talking about the project.


What we have in store for us later this year should really bring some light and imagination to the neighborhood. Keep your eyes open!

To view the entire presentation, click on the button below.


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