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Gated Alley Program (GAP) or Controlled Access Alleys

If you wish to read more about this program on the city's web site, click HERE.


  • This is an optional program.

  • 51% or more of home owners need to approve it.

  • Large trash cans from alley will be removed, each house will get its own trash can.

  • Both recycling & trash will be picked up from the street in front of your house, as will bulk trash. 

  • Paying for gates is optional. Grants, fund raising and donations may be used, IF gates are desired.

  • Any gated alley will have access by homeowners, utilities and city services.

  • This is a PILOT program i.e. it hasn't been done before and many aspects are being figured out as it unfolds.

  • The city, utilities, and services are all participating in this experiment. They look forward to feedback.

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