ESSNA & BW Upcoming  Events 
4th of July Flag Planting

Thank you!

To all who helped put up  the flags along the 10th st path.

Stand up! be counted!

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This is where we get our funds for roads, schools, hospitals, services.

Click on the logo above to be taken to the web site to fill out the form. It only takes about 5 minutes.


Click HERE

Gated Alley Program (GAP) or Controlled Access Alleys

Milkweed Project Plant List

For more indepth information regarding the GAP Program, click HERE to visit our "Updates & News" page

Monarch Butterfly.jpg

Click on the Monarch Butterfly  to get a full list of plants that support butterflies, especially the Monarch. (In PowerPoint.)

Listed are photos and names of the types of feeder / pollinator plants along the 10th Street Path.


Note on Page 2, the names with numbers next to them are the types we actually planted.

As we raise more funds, we'll work with Desert Botanical Gardens & the City again to get more plantings done. Watch for updates.

The 10th Street Walkway is now a recognized Monarch Butterfly Waystation.


Is a voluntary program in which stored video from your security cameras is accessed, with your permission, by the Phoenix Police to investigate crimes. There is no live feed access.


Once registered, the Police will contact you to request footage for any ongoing investigations in your area.

To register: or click HERE

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