JAN 2018 Krista Roy, our Neighborhood Specialist, works with Phoenix Neighborhood Services (NSD) and other city agencies to assist us in improving our area. What do we want for our area?  A grant? Plan an events with City help? Support? Resources?  Krista is our gal!  Got some ideas on what would help our area? Come and share!
  Krista.Roy@phoenix, gov   /   602.495.0380


                                                        Want to understand what "blight" is,  how to report and    then what happens? Sean Greenlief, our Inspector
                                            for Neighborhood Services
, Preservation Division, will be more than happy to explain how the process
works so we can keep our area presentable.

602-495-6971   /

​​​​​​​FEB 2018: Desert Horizon Police Commander Lopez &  Maricopa County Atty's Office.

​Our area was selected to be one of the first involved in "a new way of doing business" by the
MCAO. With our help, we can help MCAO stop repeat offenders in our area. 
Come learn how you can help!
                     Get informed. Get involved. Make a difference!

Crime Hotspot? Call Crime Stop: 602.262.6151. 
Then contact:
or call MCAO Detective Al Richard at 602.506.6472 or
MCAO Detective Frank Butillos at 602.506.3411

MAR 2018: District 3: Deb Stark & Mayoral Candidates: 

Meet with your current representative, Deb Stark from District 3 and find out more about who may be running our city next! Bring your questions down for Candidates Councilwoman Kate Gallego & Councilman Daniel Valenzuela

MAY 2018: Debra Stark & Kate Brophy McGee 

   Our two biggest supporters, Senator Kate Brophy McGee &
Councilwoman Debra Stark will BOTH be our speakers! 
  Come get your straight answers from good questions..




​​​​​JUNE 2018 Maricopa County Dept. of  Public Health  

Learn about the over 1,500 free and low-cost resources that are offered by Maricopa County for those that need a little help. 
and its Spanish language website, are filled with information. 
And Adrienne Decker Delgado, LCSW, is coming to tell us about some of them.


​​JULY 2018 St. Vincent de Paul, New Director

Here is AZ since 1946, St. Vincent de Paul
has worked to address the needs of the poor worldwide. They offer many services to help with food, housing, health and clothing folks right here in North Central Phoenix and will be pleased to address your questions. Come meet the NEW director!

​​​AUGUST 2018 - New Commander Steve Martos

Come meet our newest Commander!
 Cdr. Steve Martos has been with Phoenix PD for 23 years and is a strong believer in
community based partnerships.
Here is your chance to share
your ideas and get some straight answers!

​​​SEPT 2018 Desert Mission & Fallen Heros Wreath Program & WESD

More than just a food bank....Jennifer Kabrud will speak to all the services that Desert Mission provides.
Serving our community since the early 1920's, they have so much to offer.

  View Desert Mission's history via the link below:

FALLEN HEROS PROGRAM:   Erin Morgan, AZ Chapter Coordinator will speak about the program that places wreaths on the graves of our Fallen Heros. /  602-373-7931



OCT 2018 New CAO Sargent

Meet and introduce yourselves to our new CAO Sargent Andrea Alexander


NOV 2018 City Water Department

Learn why a water rate increase is vitally important to our neighborhood.   Come learn all about the issue from Troy Hayes, Assistant Water Services Director.  Get the FACTS!

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