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As many of you have heard, a medical marijuana dispensary called Nature's Medicine, is interested in buying the building at 701 E. Dunlap, which has set empty for a number of years.


To get a better sense of our community's position and experiences, we sent out a survey this past January with 3 key questions. Links below and to the side.


  • #1- Where do you live? (over 87% lives in the ESSBW area) Click HERE

  • #2 - What do you think of Nature's Medicine moving into the neighborhood? (over 81% approve) Click HERE

  • #3 - Comments (116 responses) Click HERE


The survey reached beyond the East Sunnyslope Neighborhood Assn. & Block Watch area and had over 300 responses. To review the results, please click on the links to the right.

The research on Nature's Medicine is that it is a company with a proven history of going into transitional neighborhoods, setting up a professional, highly regulated business specifically for the use of Medical Marijuana only, and improving the area. Even though recreational marijuana has been approved in Arizona, Nature's Medicine is currently focused only on the medicinal side.

Several of us from the Block Watch and the city toured one of their sites, Northern and Grand Avenues, and were impressed with the level of security (24/7 live and monitored), their professionalism, their concerns for the area they are moving into and most importantly, their desire to give back to the community.

Watch this space for updates.


Survey Question #1 
Where do you live?   Click
Survey Question #2
Do you support Nature's Medicine?
Click HERE
Survey Question #3
Comments     Click HERE



I want to respond to one comment that kept jumping off the Comments page.  It is:


"Should you have 1st done this survey, before taking it upon yourself to support this project"


 We are not upset or offended by the comment. Quite the contrary. But we understand it. First off, we can assure everyone that
there is never a "Yourself". When these Variance Notifications arrive, ESSNA & BW Board and Captains usually only have a few days to educate, research, set up tours, talk to lawyers, talk to businesses and residential homes close to another site where the applicant has a similar business. We then communicate about the issue in person, email, and connect virtually before making any decisions. When we voted to endorse and support Natures Medicine, it was an overwhelming response in favor. Over 90%.


  To the "Should you have 1st done this survey..." part, ABSOLUTELY! If time permits. You cannot do a comprehensive survey in two or three days. Plus, it was after we decided to endorse and support NM that a generous donation from another local business owner came in which allowed us to get a year's subscription to Survey Monkey, a cost of $400.00. That donation was what gave us the ability to do the survey. Granted it was after the hearing officer took the case under advisement and after the initial announcement, but definitely showed our Board and Captains have their fingers on the pulse of the community. The survey showed that 100%.
We should know in a week or two if the variances were approved or not.


  Lastly, we are coming up on our 5-year anniversary as a group of active community members and neighbors with the health of our community foremost in our hearts and minds. If this too is important to you, please get more involved! We want to hear your voice, your ideas. We invite anyone interested to be a Captain, which allows a bigger voice in your community, and adds to the diversity of our group. It does not take that much time and I would love to answer all your questions.

So, give me a ring any time: 602.888.1879 or email:  

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